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The inaugural Perform Better Summit/Brazil was held in September and Michael was fortunate enough to have been a presenter at this amazing event. 300+ attendees provided a warm welcome and learned from some of the top American and Brazilian names in the fitness and rehab industry.

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Miami Dolphins visit

Michael spent a few days lecturing and consulting with the NFL Miami Dolphins performance and athletic training staff in March of this year. It was a great opportunity for professional dialogue and exchange of information.

Miami Dolphins Training Center, Davies, FL

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Rehab & Training

There is often considerable overlap between rehabilitation and training, with the lines becoming increasing blurred between the two sciences.  This page is dedicated to blog posts, links and videos as they relate to the approach I take and intervention strategies I use in the rehabilitation of acute injuries and chronic conditions, the integration of fitness, strength and performance training, and other factors which can play a role in the success or limitation in any of these. Learn more >

System structure

We are a very complicated system of systems.  There are physical, mental, chemical, electrical, pressure, fluid and other processes which our bodies are constantly negotiating in order to not only survive, but to also be a robust organism.  This page is dedicated to gaining an improved understanding of the many factors which can influence the way our bodies work, some of my observations related to human structure and function, and other interesting things related to the amazing organism that we are. Learn more >


Positional integration

By design our body is asymmetrical.  Our physical and sensory systems are not arranged in a way that many of us think or corresponds to how we may look on the outside.   This "design" is integral to our survival on this planet.  However, it can also cause some problems if we do not have the capacity and resiliency to manage it effectively.  This page focuses on the research, views, approaches, and different aspects as they relate to our asymmetrical structure and function.  It also includes articles and videos which refer to specific sciences, approaches and methodologies (i.e. Postural Restoration Institute®, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization®, Functional Movement Systems®, Anatomy Trains®, manual intervention techniques, and other specific approaches and views on the human body). Learn more >