Lila b.

“Working with Michael completely changed my exercise capabilities and the joy that it brought me. He is the magic guru of human anatomy and his knowledge helped me work through a major injury as well as piecing together all the small things that pop up. His holistic approach is one of a kind. After making the rounds of all the best physical therapists and doctors in New England (I tried 10+), I found Michael and his team to be the most accurate, in tune, personal and contributing to the most dramatic difference in my recovery.”

Esther S.

“In an effort to further bolster my “recovery” from a significant MS exacerbation, my longtime personal trainer at Back Cove personal Fitness strongly recommended I start seeing Michael.  From the beginning of my work with him, we had an easy and honest rapport, and it took only one session to see - and feel - Michael’s extensive knowledge of the human body and how to manipulate its function. At the risk of sounding silly, Michael’s interventions seem small and insignificant, but have been truly astonishing. He is incredibly observant, noticing things about my movement patterns that I haven’t yet identified, and is always thinking on his feet to tailor my session to exactly what my body needs in the moment.  He’s happy to dive deep into explaining what he believes to be the causes of my distress, and is always patient and understanding while he explains each body position and exercise for me to follow, both with him, and later, at home. Michael’s interventions for me have ranged from small breathing exercises, to his recommendation of an adjustable weight belt to wear in my home, to a custom dental retainer, for which he scouted out the right local dentist and then accompanied me to the appointments, in order to make sure my head and jaw were positioned correctly when the mold was taken.  **This retainer is something I would have never believed would help, but Michael noticed my lack of bite occlusion and had the knowledge and experience to suggest it. With the device, the increase in my flexibility and overall mobility is breathtaking.**

I often struggle to tell people about my experience with Michael without throwing in the word “magical,” as I think he is so superior to any physical therapist I’ve had, and his technique is so nuanced and, frankly, immediately effective, that he clearly stands apart from other trainers.  I feel so lucky to have started working with him when I did, especially since my mobility had taken such a noticeable backslide (and continues to be a challenge). I love going to the gym and seeing Michael, who always greets me with a smile and a fist bump, whether I’m there to see him or my other trainer.  Perhaps what I most appreciate about Michael, beyond his giant knowledge base and treatment efficacy, is his sense of humor, his sincerity and genuine care for his clients’ wellness.  Because my mobility can change from day to day, it’s invaluable for me to feel comfortable, safe and supported each time I see Michael.”

T. Z.

After experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain and post-surgical orthopedic problems for years, I was referred to Michael for what I hoped would be an uncommonly different and more sophisticated approach. I had exercised at many fine gyms with inspired trainers, and spent years in physical therapy, however I was not improving. I felt out of useable options and thought a meaningful return to fitness was impossible. Little did I know just how splendid and effective the journey with Michael would prove to be!

From the initial meeting, the magnitude of Michael’s knowledge was evident. He took a very careful history and designed a program of unexpected approaches to issues of chronic pain, muscle imbalance and injury. Michael patiently taught breath and movement management that became the basis for increasingly more challenging exercises. He took seriously my goal to resume working out and has interwoven gym-based exercises into my plan. Not only have I returned to the gym six days a week, but have taken on new activities like boxing! I felt and saw improvements in my whole being quite quickly, and continue to benefit many sessions later.

Along the way we have discussed factors that influence quality of life, as well as practices that enhance the resilience of mind and spirit. Michael is uniquely qualified for such an undertaking given his wisdom, his non-judgmental, scientific stance and a passion for learning in every moment. These factors are extraordinary enough, but do not fully capture him as a person. Michael is one of the most earnest, compassionate and intuitive human beings you will ever encounter. He consistently pursues a better quality of life for his clients. Michael’s integrity, discretion and brilliance are unmatched. I feel blessed to know and work with him.