No Equipment, Bodyweight, 30:30 Program

No Equipment, Bodyweight, 30:30 Program

The No Equipment, Bodyweight 30:30 Program

Each exercise is to be performed for 30 seconds, with intensity and as quickly as possible without sacrificing form, then rest for 30 seconds.  Run through each exercise in Phase 1 as a first Set then rest for 2 minutes.  Move to Phase 2 as a second Set or repeat Phase 1 for as many Sets as time allows. 

·      Phase 1 or Set 1:

o  Squats past parallel w/arms in front

o  Hamstring heel diggers sitting on a step or on the ground

o  Split-squats with arm alternation (14:14)

o  Push-ups with arms shoulder width apart

o  Lateral lunges alternating

o  Mountain climbers with front foot off the ground

o  Alternating back lunges with opposite arm

o  T-rotations with side arches of feet flat to ground

o  Depth jumps up and down with countermovement (arms)

o  Supine, head & neck supported contralateral straight leg reach, pumps (14:14)


·      Phase 2 or Set 2:

o  Squats with floor touches to overhead reach

o  Crab-position alternate knee touches, heels on ground

o  Back leg elevated split-squats with arm alternation 

o  Push-ups with arms wider then shoulder width apart

o  Mini lateral lunge jump, alternating

o  Mountain climbers with both feet on the ground

o  Single leg squat with contralateral lateral slide (in stocking feet) or lateral foot touch

o  T-rotations with feet stacked

o  Single leg hops up and down (15 seconds each) OR squat jumps with floor touches

o  Supine, head & neck supported contralateral leg reach, 4 breath holds


·      Phase 3 or Set 3:

o  Squats with 3 sec. descent and power-up

o  Crab-position with heels on ground, alternate knee touches with heel lift

o  Alternating back lunge with alternating overhead reach

o  Hands and toes (Bear position) alternating arm & leg lifts offs/press-ups

o  Alternating lunge jumps with contralateral arms

o  Mountain climber position, knee drive towards opposite elbow

o  Lateral bounding back and forth

o  T-rotations with kick or lateral leg lift

o  One single leg hop forward for distance, turn around & switch legs coming back

o  Hands & toes holds with alternating straight leg lifts 

College Athletic Recruiting Considerations

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