"Finding Balance" (from Training & Conditioning magazine, March 2014)

"Helping athletes reach their athletic goals requires a complex and multifacted approach, with nutrition, injury avoidance, and recovery just a few of the many components that need to be addressed.  However, another crucial piece of the puzzle is only beginning to receive attention--the structural and functional asymmetry of the body and its influence on the way we breath and move."

"Internally, human anatomy is asymmetrical, so the various systems of the body--neurological, respiratory, circulatory, visual--are not the same on the left side as they are on the right, with one side usually more dominant than the other.  Since our muscular patterns are determined by how these systems are integrated, the differences on our left and right sides have a direct influence on our body alignment and posture, shaping our respiratory function and movement."

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The Tortoise & The Hare: I’ll Take The HARE

Retro Walking with Respiratory Bias

Retro Walking with Respiratory Bias