Integrative Rehab Training LLC is a
sole-proprietor company which provides:




For individuals, teams, organizations, high school, college and university programs.


Half- to day-long continuing education courses and programs on varying topics related to training and rehabilitation.


Lectures, webinars and podcasts for organizations, companies, conferences, and symposiums.


On-site, online, or through similar avenues to individuals for personal rehabilitation or training issues, or professionals for development of rehabilitation knowledge and strategies. Integration of Postural Restoration principles into individual or professional practice available. 

Current and former clients: 

Miami Dolphins, Stars On Ice, Eric Cressey Sports Performance, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, Perform Better, Mike Reinold/Rehab Webinars, Kinetokos (Tokyo, Japan), College of the Holy Cross, OA Performance Center/Parisi Speed School, Portland Ballet, Dance Studio of Maine, University of New England, Bowdoin College,, The Fitcast podcast.

Contact Michael about working with him directly for any of these services.