Integrative Rehab Training LLC

I have a strong desire to help people who have chronic—or even more acute—problems which has limited their ability to live an active life. This might be due to injury which they have not been able to manage on their own, have had some interventions before but symptoms have returned, or they may even be nervous about getting into a regular exercise and fitness program due to this problem. I want people to be able to better manage the aches and pains that they are dealing with. To empower them to have a tool kit they can tap into to stay active, get strong, and be better able to manage their symptoms when they kick in.

I also like helping people improve their mobility, get strong, enjoy fitness, have an improved understanding of how their body works, help them manage their system as a whole, train them for their particular sport or activity, or guide them through workouts which help them with their goals.

I also truly enjoy teaching….in a number of different capacities. Whether it is lecturing to small groups, conferences, classrooms, individuals, or organizations, I have been fortunate to have learned some great things over the years and am passionate about being able to share some of this with others.

Integrative Rehab Training LLC, represents rehabilitation and training services I perform with clients, consultation I provide for individuals and organizations on rehab and fitness, programs I have developed and perform, lectures, presentations, and courses I offer, as well as other services reflective of my work as an athletic trainer and sports medicine specialist.

There are two facilities I see clients out of: Back Cove Personal Fitness for Fitness Rehab which is located at 50 Cove St. in Portland and Beyond Strength which is located at 60 Gray Rd. in Falmouth. These are both very well-established facilities owned by professionals whom I respect tremendously and are incredibly like-minded individuals. Services are on a fee-for-service basis and sessions consist of fitness training with a particular emphasis on addressing aches, pains and injuries. For those who provide a prescription from a physician with the appropriate referral information, I will provide a receipt which has the appropriate codes for reimbursement, my National Provider number, license information, etc. which might be able to be applied towards a deductible, HSA or even direct reimbursement.

I welcome the opportunity for others to use my professional services in other capacities such as presenting to organizations or at conferences, online consultations, ways to implement rehab components into training programs, integrating Postural Restoration® into rehab and training programs and the like. I can be contacted via e-mail at: mjmatc@yahoo.com, through my Facebook page, Integrative Rehab Training LLC which can be found here or through the contact form on this site.  My LinkedIn profile includes a lot more of my professional accomplishments for review as well.

Yours in health....

Michael J. Mullin