Explanation & Waiver of Liability

Michael J. Mullin, ATC, PTA, PRC

I felt it was appropriate to have something on this webpage which explained briefly the intent and purpose, as well as some cheeky summations of all this lawyer-speak….

1.      All information herein are the learnings, beliefs, practices, techniques and strategies of Michael J. Mullin.  They are an accumulation of things learned over 25+ years of clinical experience and education through multiple platforms from multiple practitioners and organizations, through trial and error, successes and failures, modifications and adaptations and integration of multiple approaches.

a.       I do not claim to have all the answers.  I learn every single day I work with the public.  I share what I have learned over the years and have found helpful.

2.      Content from this is for informational purposes only.  Michael J. Mullin makes no warranties regarding, and bears no liability for, an individual’s use of the information and content.

a.       If you don’t fully understand why you are utilizing or applying something, certainly don’t do it because I suggested to.

3.      References and credit for quotes, comments, concepts, etc. will be provided where appropriate and readily available.  It should be understood that there are likely ideas, concepts, quotes, applications, etc. which have already been presented, published and/or discussed previously and attempt has been made to appropriately reference where indicated. 

a.       Some of the information provided is my intellectual property, but due to how long I’ve been practicing, it is difficult to establish exactly what is mine and not someone else’s.

4.      This information is both evidence-based as well as practice-based and empirical and should be interpreted as such.  It is up to the individual, in accordance with their own individual skillset, education, background and experience to decide how to beset utilize the information provided.  This information is intended for you, the reader, in an effort to share information and provide further education.

a.       I read and interpret information in a way that I find useful and understandable—some which supports my work and beliefs and some which may suggest otherwise. Many conclusions can be drawn from research, reviews and articles, both supporting their conclusions or leaving more questions than was intended.  While the information on this website is intended to be as science- and evidence-based as possible, it is impossible for everything I do to be supported in the literature.

5.      I do not hold Michael J. Mullin, his parties or interests accountable for the information contained within.  Utilization and application of the principles and techniques are the sole responsibility of the individual and he assumes no responsibility for any loss or injury and/or damage to persons or property arising out of the use of the material contained in, or related to, this article/presentation/course/Tweet/Instagram/blogpost/webinar/podcast/dialogue/exchange

a.       Don’t blame me if things don’t work exactly the way you want them to :)


Registered® & Trademarked™ Sciences Disclaimer

 ·         There are a number of sciences, approaches, methodologies and systems which Michael J. Mullin utilizes with his clients.  He also posts articles, videos, commentary, podcasts, webinars and other such informational content referring to some of these, however this information may not have been reviewed by that particular governing organization.  Every attempt will be made to get appropriate authorizations for any picture, concept or content which is deemed specific to that organization.

  • I have the utmost respect for each and every organization, individual, instructor, colleague and other professionals I have learned from and shared ideas with over the years.  I try very hard to provide due diligence in my approaches and educational content and walk a line of not trying to ever seem like I am “stealing” someone else’s work (refer to Section 3c).  A big, bold “my apologies in advance” if you read or see something to the contrary.